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I won't be your pity party planner.

I'll hold a mirror up and force you to look at the work you've been avoiding. You won't feel comfortable as you move through growth. It will feel unnerving at times, but I'll be there with you as you move through the discomfort like a boss.

I am not like most coaches.

I don't have a framework.

It is tailored to you; to the person in front of me with your unique business and circumstances.

If you're in the work, things will be flying at your face and you will be meeting discomfort and roadblocks daily. Each session will be different but will feature a mix of business advice and personal development work.

Working with me will give you the clarity you need in the sea of head confetti. I’ll provide an outside perspective that has your best interest at heart. My strength is creating a scalable framework to bridge the gap to get you where you’d like to be.

If you’re ready to work smarter with your time and save yourself stress and money, let’s work together.

My 90 day coaching package is designed for established business owners who are ready to move into their next stage of growth.

If you're over trading time for dollars and build a scalable and profitable business, I'd love to be your wing woman to make that happen.

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Why work with me?

I’m perceptive in seeing gaps in your business—even two years ahead—and I'll help you create a profitable strategy to bridge the gap to where you’d like to be.

When we encounter challenges, that's when we focus on personal development work. If you plan to grow your business, mindset work is important. You don't get to the top of your field with the same mindset and beliefs you started with.

My strengths are also in digital marketing and writing copy that sells. I'm a boss at automation and creating smarter systems and I've got the goss when it comes to cultivating customer relationships.

If you're ready to transform your business in the next six months, let's work together.

And just a heads up... 

+ If you're happy being average and 'just okay'
+ If you love your excuses more than fighting through a challenge
+ If you think I am going to give you all the answers and you're just going to sit and write down what I tell you
+ If you're not willing to prioritise your business in your life and make sense
+ If you have a problem and come to me before attempting to solve it yourself
+ If you think I'm pretty annoying and hope I don't swear (lol)...

Then we mightn't be the best fit to work together right now. That's okay! My monthly membership might be a little more your style!

Sometimes it takes someone outside of your business to see what you can’t and Peta was an absolute boss.

Not only do I now have a clear direction, a bigger vision and a stronger belief in myself, I also now have a badass business support system and person I can work with to consistently up level. That’s the push I needed.

Katie Dean,
Author and Life Coach for women seeking a different way to BE.

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The details — 

+ We get to spend three months working on your business together!

+ $997 AUD per month AUD billed every month for three months

+ Two sessions per month

+ In-between support via Voxer — priceless!

+ Sessions conducted via Zoom

+ You’ll be one of the four clients I work with. I hold your space and think about your business on the daily. To give my clients adequate support I cap my clients. 

Sign me up!

You help me see my vision clearer.

You have this incredible knack of showing me the way to get there, and in ways that I can work through it based on what I can do. 
You are incredibly perceptive and can read between the lines, in my messages, you quickly discovered when I was stuck or if I'm not in the right place of mind or something is happening for me.
You make yourself available and have taken me through some excellent personal development training, things that you practice and use yourself you're so generous with your information and knowledge. You do it with compassion and are more than happy to share everything you've ever learned and discovered in business, personal development and mental health struggles.
Thank you for helping me uncover my product idea into a long term vision and higher business venture. I'm excited to be partnered with you in my business and looking forward to launching the vision.

— Roy K

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